June 10, 2023

One Day Left to Buy Your Ticket

Do you still believe WFB’s conservative principles are needed now? Join me to support National Review Institute!

During this critical moment in our nation’s history, NRI, the non-profit that Bill Buckley founded to advance the NR mission, plays a crucial role defending our shared conservative principles and promoting American exceptionalism.

On October 5, NRI hosts its most important fundraiser of the year — the William F. Buckley Jr. Prize Dinner. This year’s program will be hosted as a “Gala at Home,” a historic undertaking that will bring the NR Nation together to strengthen our movement, support our cause, and celebrate our esteemed honorees — the “Sainted Junior Senator” from New York, Jim Buckley, and our dear friend and generous philanthropist, Virginia James.

Our friends at NRI have come up with a lively, imaginative program, and we hope you’ll be part of it. With your contribution to NRI, you can join this special event. Registration closes September 30.

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