June 16, 2021

A Third of the Way There, Make No Mistake: We Will Take Aqaba

From left: Anthony Quinn, Peter O’Toole, and Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia (Columbia Pictures/via IMDb)

It’s a pity if you haven’t yet seen the magnificent Lawrence of Arabia. Since it’s based on fact, you’ll forgive my spoiling the plot, central to which is the World War I account (with dollops of artistic license) of the taking of the Turkish-held Red Sea port of Aqaba. To take it by water seemed impossible; to take it by land — which would require a (surviving!) force attacking after a prolonged and brutal desert journey — was, well, nuts. But that is how it happened: A small band of clansmen, led by the determined British officer, endured the Arabian Desert (“God’s Anvil”) and took the port from the rear.

It could be done. The far can be fetched.

Why the cartoonish history lesson? Well, it has to do with our current webathon, now a week old, and facing an additional long, 17 summer-dog-days to endure before we reach (we hope, we pray) our goal of $250,000 — each and every buck sorely needed during this pitched battle against the ascendant foes of Western civilization and the enemies of the principles on which this very Republic is founded.

Lawrence’s small force grew as he plodded on through the brutal journey. So has ours: As of 1 p.m. today, 908 fellow conservatives — maybe even some from atop a camel — have closed ranks with NR to help wage this critical battle (the total donated so far is a speck over $80,300). This keyboard to God’s Ears: Would that another 908, and then another, and then half that again too, sign up over the next two-plus weeks to sustain conservatism’s central voice of sanity and straight-shooting as we stand athwart the cancelers and tell them where they can put their progressive sanctimony.

Since our last update a few days back, many have seen fit to contribute, and a few have offered comments that we always find inspiring. Maybe you will too:

  • Barbara spots us a Fifty and compliments galore: “Thanks NR! One of my favorite things about NR is finding two articles representing very different viewpoints on the same topic on the same day. Keep up the vital work!” It is vital, but it’s kept up thanks to your kindness.
  • Jim also tenders $50 and a speck of gloom: “In the words of Andrew McCarthy, ‘Some days, it just feels like we are doomed.’ We need NR to be there to help us during these times.” We’re here Jim 24/7, never flagging. Do not despair!
  • Todd sends $50 and something else just this side of a marriage proposal: “To say that I love National Review and that is a much-needed lifeline to me in this insane time in our country is an understatement. I pray that all of you at National Review will continue on your mission to give citizens an objective analysis about politics and our nation. William Buckley would certainly be proud of what he has built. God bless you all!” Back at you, and yeah, we do think Bill would approve.
  • Another General Grant arrives, this from David, who maybe just watched Zulu: “Keep it up NR. You are the last defense.” Bayonets are fixed. Front ranks, Fire! Thanks for the ammo David.
  • Jake plops $100 on us and gushes with tributes: “Keep up the incredible work! I don’t know what I’d do without NR, both for the entertainment it provides and the way it arms us to deal with this nonsense that y’all so tirelessly fight against. Anything that Madeleine Kearns or Kevin Williamson writes is must-read material for me too.” Jake, we’re thrilled to find you in the foxhole with us.
  • Paul sends $100 and finds it’s high time: “Can’t watch from the sidelines any more. This is in my streets, it’s at my office, it’s at my kids’ schools. . . . Cancel the madness.” That’s our objective. Great to have you at the barricades.
  • Michael’s $10 has a value, but his comment is incalculable: “I apologize that I cannot donate more. I read NR every day. I recently learned that this magazine/site is a multigenerational staple for my family. I have been reading it for the past year or so. My parents read it. As did my grandparents. Your articles are well-written and well-researched. I trust what I’m reading on your site. You have no idea how rare and valuable that is these days (or perhaps you do).” No apologies needed Mike. The family that NR’s together . . .

Dig Mike’s sentiment: Your articles are well-written and well-researched. I trust what I’m reading on your site. You have no idea how rare and valuable that is these days (or perhaps you do). Yeah, we do. Which is why we can make this appeal with a good conscience. The truth that’s unspun; commentary that’s educated; analysis that’s convincing; principles that are unmovable: That’s what NR is about. Bill Buckley created this entity 65 years ago with the goal of staring down the elite, the culture mavens, the way-the-other-side-of-center news dispensers, the even-farther-left sanctimonious academics. On our behalf, on yours, especially on the principles we share, and even more especially on these United States of America, we refuse their demands to shut up. And Paul hits the nail square on the head: You can’t watch any longer from the sidelines. So please do support NR, right now. Whether your contribution is $10 or $100 or $1,000 or more, no amount is too small, no amount too big. The aid is truly needed (fact is, we need at least double our objective of $250,000). Donate here. To show your support by check, that thrills us too: Make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Summer 2020 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. In advance of your generosity, thanks so much. It means the world to us.

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